5 Common Grammatical & Spelling Errors You Must Fix Now

5 Common Grammatical & Spelling Errors You Must Fix Now

\ \ These errors are all too common. Now, I hope I’m not sounding like a pompous ass… my writings are far from perfect. But, I can’t help but notice these errors very frequently. So entrepreneurs, it’s time to polish off that dusty English book from high-school and to actually open a dictionary. Or, you could just visit Common English Errors. Let this site be your English bible.

​1) A lot/alot - “alot” is not a word. It’s “a lot.”

​2) Could not care less/Could care less - Often you’ll see “I could care less if”… if you could care less, that means that you *could* actually care less.

​3) For Sally & Me/For Sally & I - The difference is between what is a subject and what is the object. You bought the gift for her. Steve came over to play basketball with Jim and me. Sally and I went to the park.

​4) You’re/your - I see this on Facebook all of the time. “You’re” is a contraction for “you are” and “your” is the possessive form of you.

​5) Ironically - This word is often misused when the person meant “coincidentally.” Ironic means that which is contrary to what one expected. [1]

If you make any of these mistakes, fixing them now could help you for future business.

What are common English errors that you notice often?

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