Change the World One Day at a Time: Let's Help Wikipedia

Change the World One Day at a Time: Let's Help Wikipedia

I’m on a mission to change the world. Yes, I know how cliche that phrase sounds. But the feeling is true. Each day, I ask myself: “what can I do to help make this world a better place?” Most days, I’m pretty sure that I’m making a small dent. But what if we all made small dents of improvement each day… how would the world change?

The other day I was reading Wikipedia and I saw the banner with the personal appeal from Jimmy Wales. I ignored it. However, I visit the site quite often. After awhile, I couldn’t ignore it. I knew that I had to do something, as I get so much utility out of the site.

This is my attempt. I will match any donation up until the sum of all of my donations total \$500. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit the donation page.
  2. Donate any amount.
  3. Forward me [jp [AT]] your donation receipt.
  4. I’ll then make my matching donation and then forward you my receipt. We’ll both have warm fuzzies about donating to a great organization! =)

If you’ve ever gotten any utility out of Wikipedia, please consider donating. Even if it’s \$5… that helps.

Check back to this page for my total contribution, as I would hate for you to donate after I’ve hit \$500 and expect for me to match it.

Reader Donations: \$60\ JP Donations: \$60

Thanks for your help, together we can truly change the world.

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