Focus On Your Customers and the Money Will Follow

Focus On Your Customers and the Money Will Follow

On Reddit, someone posted about how he wrote to a company named Mizage to ask for a discount on their \$14 software. They wrote back and said he could just have it for free. They just asked that he would tell his friends about the software. The guy ended up buying it anyway and then posting on Reddit. Here’s the transcript:

Why does this work? Because it’s so fucking rare for companies to do this. As customers this kind of treatment typically blows our minds. Doing this sort of thing has worked in our favor many times. We receive emails all of the time about getting apps for free (these cost \$1). We gladly oblige. We typically just ask that these people tell their friends. In many cases we give them additional promo codes. Sometimes these people will go post on forums and word spreads within their respective communities. Here’s an example of a South Florida Bull’s fan who posted on a forum: During that day we got about 35 downloads. Overall, we’ve had thousands. This has happened time & time again.

I’m not telling you this to toot our horn. I’m just trying to demonstrate that this treatment works. Hell, consider Zappos. They give customers free overnight shipping and other crazy stuff such as putting balloons in packages.

But there’s a catch. You can’t do this without being 100% altruistic about it. These must be seen as gifts without expecting anything in return. Customers are excellent at sniffing out bullshit. You must be genuine about this and completely self-giving.

Do this and you win.

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-JP Richardson

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