The Only Person Who Cares About Your Idea Is Your Mom

The Only Person Who Cares About Your Idea Is Your Mom

Hello, my name is JP and I have a problem. I think that my idea matters. I think that by keeping it secret, I’ll be able to develop it into a mega-corp capable of crushing Apple, Microsoft, and Google!

Why do I still suffer from this syndrome? Repeat after me: “My idea sucks, and no one cares about my idea. Maybe if I bust my ass, I can turn my crappy idea into a decent product that somebody will pay me their lunch money.” I know the reality though. Ideas really are worthless, or maybe they’re just a multiplier. Execution is everything.

Let’s also end this notion that in order to share an idea, we have to get the other party to sign an NDA. People have requested this of Reflect7, and I flat out refuse. Most ideas are lame. Something along the lines of “I want to create a social a site like Facebook, but for cats! Everyone loves kitties!! LOLZZ” It opens up an unnecessary potential legal liability. If your idea is so easy to steal, your competitors will do it once you release it anyway. Also, If you’re trying to engage in a partnership, you want mercenaries, not missionaries. A NDA is not a way to start a relationship.

I like what Chris Dixon suggests that you should share your idea with anyone who will listen:

There are lots of benefits to talking to people. You’ll get suggestions for improvements. You’ll discover flaws and hopefully correct them.
You’ll learn a lot more about the sector/industry. You’ll learn about competitive products that exist or are being built. You’ll gauge people’s excitement level for the product and for various features. You’ll refine your sales and investor pitch. You might even discover your idea is a bad idea and save yourself years of hitting your head against the wall.\ \ In terms of the risk of someone stealing your idea, there are at best a handful of people in the world who might actually drop everything and copy your idea.\ \ First of all, most people will probably think your idea is stupid. This does not mean your idea is stupid. In fact, if everyone loves your idea, I might be worried that it’s not forward thinking enough.

He wrote another post on actually developing these ideas.

But, when it comes down to it, your idea sucks. Share it with anyone and everyone. Get feedback.

Your idea sucks, now go do it anyway.

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