Less Consumption, More Production

Less Consumption, More Production

I have a weakness that I need to improve upon. I need to improve upon it NOW. When I wake up in the morning and sit down to my computer I read Slashdot, Proggit, Hacker News, Techcrunch, Mashable, Little Things Matter, Signals vs Noise, The Simple Dollar, Seth Godin’s blog, and A VC. These are blogs/sites that are typically updated daily. I have a whole list of sites that I read that aren’t updated as frequently: Feld’s Thoughts, Steve Blank’s Blog, Quick Sprout, Derek Siver’s blog, Coding Horror, The Next Web, A Smart Bear, Illuminated Mind, and Silicon Prairie News. I probably spend at least two hours a day on these sites. This doesn’t include the time spent checking site analytics, browsing through Facebook, reading Tweets, etc. When it comes down to it, I love to read. Reading makes me feel like I’m in the “know.” Maybe, when I feel like I’m in the ‘know’, I feel like I’m in more control? I don’t know.

One thing is for sure, a lot of my time is spent on consumption. More time is spent than what’s necessary. As an entrepreneur my value is measured by production. My customers don’t care if I know what the ideal situations are for using NoSQL or a relational DB. They don’t care if I can recite Gary Vaynerchuk’s whole entire keynote including the small stories of his childhood in Belarus, They don’t care if I know who the CEO is of most of the companies featured in the social media. They care about what I can produce to improve their life. That’s what entrepreneurs do. They convert their time into products or services that will hopefully generate revenue.

I need to remember my priorities and produce accordingly. I need to remember my value as entrepreneur is measured by my output or production. I need to start to think about this in terms of a ratio of output hours to input hours. I’m not sure what the ideal number is, but I do know that it should be much greater than 1.0 every day… probably even greater than 3.0. Right now, most days I’m above 1.0, but… I know some days I’m not. I will call this my production number.*

I challenge myself to an experiment. For two weeks, I will only allow myself to view each one of the aforementioned sites once in a day. I will however be allowed to check Facebook/Twitter anytime during a downtime such as waiting in an office, riding in a car, etc. I don’t have much of a problem with them anyways. I will only be allowed to view sites in my RSS reader or ones that are linked from Slashdot, HN, or Proggit. For most people this doesn’t sound like much of a problem, but for me this should boost my production number… and that’s what is important. (Maybe I should track it too?)

Remember, as an entrepreneur, you need to stay sharp, but your value is measured in what you produce. What are your thoughts on this?

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-JP Richardson

* Let’s assume that in a day I spend 1.5 hours consuming and 4 hours producing. My production number would then be 4/1.5 = 2.67

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