Let Your Customers Determine Your Priority

Let Your Customers Determine Your Priority

The last couple of weeks worth of customer emails have been pretty rough. This should have been a no brainer, considering that our NFL roster for our sports fan apps has been outdated.

Here are a few recent emails:

Please update the roster for “Pro Gridion New Orleans”.

The roster is from preseason personnel. It has players that no longer are with this organization.

Thank you.

Hey how about some updates already still no player info ? Come on guys ! The season will be over.

What’s up? The roster? Please update! C’mon!

What do you think our next priority should be? This isn’t a new idea. Jason Fried made this point in the book Rework. His point is that you don’t need to keep complex feature lists or todos. Your customers will let you know. He states that If you have one or two customer requests, let your customers know that you’ll consider it - if other customers request the same or similar feature, you know that you should do it.

So, let your customers determine your priority and feature lists. What do you think?

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