I’ve read time and time again about how luck plays a role in the success of both individuals and startups. It’s hard to go a day without reading a comment on Hacker News about someone being lucky. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that luck can play a role in success of startups.

You know what? Fuck luck. It’s overrated. Perhaps I’m biased because I don’t live Silicon Valley, because my company isn’t funded, because I don’t have a network of a lot of VCs and Angels. I don’t care though. Really.

You know what I have? I live the in a small supportive community. I have a healthy son and a supportive fiance. I have great business partners. I may not have them all, but I have so many opportunities. You see, it’s all about perspective.

When you read an article about a company or a person and you think that they may be lucky, you’re allowing yourself to believe that you can’t make the same success. You’re telling yourself that they did it because they were lucky. Don’t fall into that trap. I’ll bet that most entrepreneurs work hard for their success, despite the fact they they may attribute their success to luck. According to Jim Collins in his book Good to Great, he claims that some of these entrepreneurs are referred to as Level 5 leaders. Level 5 leaders typically exhibit humility and in some cases their humility will cause them to make statements that they were lucky. But the main point is not to let yourself believe that because someone got lucky that you can’t be successful.

Many of you reading this may be from a third world country, you may not have a supportive family, or much money. But your community needs you to succeed. You can overcome your challenges. No one said it would be easy. A wise man once said that luck is when opportunity meets the prepared. Just be prepared and make your own luck.

What do you think when you read the word luck?

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-JP Richardson

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