Money for the Other Six Billion

One of my favorite Bitcoin articles was written by Erik Voorhees (the operator of Satoshi Dice) entitled "Bitcoin - The Libertarian Introduction". It's well worth the read and makes you really consider the value of Bitcoin. No other article, video or talk has made me think about Bitcoin in such a positive manner until now.

Andreas M. Antonopolous gave an awesome talk about the future of Bitcoin for the rest of the world and the neutral nature of Bitcoin. The talk is entitled: Bitcoin Neutrality for the Other Six Billion

Andreas states that neutrality is the most important feature of Bitcoin. What he means by "neutrality" is that the network will process your transaction no matter what you're purchasing, who you are, who you're buying from, or where you're purchasing from. Andreas draws a parallel of Bitcoin neutrality to internet neutrality in the early days of the internet.

Honestly, the part of the talk that I enjoyed the most wasn't the point on the neutrality, but his point on the rest of the world and the currency that they use. He says, that "Bitcoin adoption won't happen here, in fact, Bitcoin adoption will happen here last." When he states "here", he's referring to the United States. We have the convenience of banks, electricity, and stability; we (as in citizens of the first-world), won't see the utility of Bitcoin like a citizen of an impoverished nation. The main reason for this, according to Andreas? Neutrality.

It's well worth the 35 mins to listen to it.

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