Saddened by Steve's Departure

Saddened by Steve's Departure

Who would have expected that many would be saddened by a CEO’s departure from a company? I wouldn’t. But on many of the net forums, people are expressing a bit of melancholy. I feel the same.

It’s not because Steve is some big, bad, powerful man [he is]… no, it’s because Steve took Apple from the brink of bankruptcy to briefly being the most valuable company in the world (currently the 2nd behind Exxon Mobile). He did this all while giving us products that we as consumers love.

You see, Apple represented what we love about a good story. Apple was David the underdog. Microsoft was the evil goliath that could not be defeated. Apple innovated. They help to revolutionize the music industry, the computer industry, and the smartphone. I hope that they are just getting started.

As an entrepreneur, Steve Jobs represents exactly what an entrepreneur should be. One who is focused on the present while simultaneously holding a vision. One who cares about simplicity and not just producing another “me-to” product. One who wants to change lives.

I truly believe that history will remember him as this century’s Henry Ford. Or better yet, he has set a new standard, one that I’ll always be inspired from.


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