Steve Jobs Is This Century's Henry Ford

Steve Jobs Is This Century's Henry Ford

Yesterday, Steve Jobs announced the new iPhone - better known as the iPhone 4g. You can read about all of the hot new features all over the web. If you haven’t seen this video, you should watch at least the first few minutes:

In 2007, technology changed the future of mankind. The release of the iPhone was the start of the mobile revolution. The iPhone was the first smartphone that truly worked like how you would think a smart phone should work. It was intuitive, it had the best design, and it did a few things well - instead of doing a bunch of things half-assed. It definitely had its shortcomings. Most geeks and hackers couldn’t see past those short comings. They couldn’t see how the iPhone wasn’t aimed toward them, and it pissed them off.

What is more powerful than being able to communicate with someone on the other side of the planet instantly AKA the internet? The internet in your pocket. Considering the demographic of this blog, I realize that many readers may think that I’m stating the obvious. You see, I believe that the GPS/Internet smartphone will revolutionize EVERYTHING. This is just the beginning.

Three years ago, it wasn’t really feasible to know where all of your friends are. Now, with services like Loopt and BrightKite you can. You can find out where your friends have been using Gowalla and FourSquare.

Three years ago you had to carry your MP3 player and your camera if you wanted to take good pictures and listen to music. You couldn’t buy music online your mobile phone. You couldn’t find directions on your mobile phone. You didn’t have a personal assistant. You couldn’t download books at the touch of your finger. You couldn’t download popular 3D games that you’ve played on your console.

Three years ago you couldn’t video chat on your mobile phone. Look how much has changed in three years.

Apple is the new Ford. At the beginning of the 20th century, cars were expensive and complicated. That’s what so many people forget about the iPhone, people claim that their beloved phone can do everything that the iPhone can do. What they forget is that Steve Jobs is bringing the smart phone to the masses, much like Henry Ford revolutionized the auto industry by bringing the automobile to the masses.

History will see the iPhone at beginning of the 21st century as the spark of innovation for the entire 21st century.

What do you think? Do you think that we are at the beginning of a revolution?

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-JP Richardson

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