The Best Exercise Any Entrepreneur Can Do

The Best Exercise Any Entrepreneur Can Do

…is to blog.

Here is why entrepreneurs should blog:

​1) Crystalize Thoughts - Blogging forces you to think about your ideas. When you write down your ideas you began to think about them. Reflect up on them. To quote Harry Beckwith: “Writing helps you to crystallize your thoughts.”

​2) Feedback on Ideas - Blogging puts your ideas on an open public forum for criticism. Often times you come up with what you think is a great idea. If you blog about that idea and then solicit feedback, you may be surprised on what you receive. In fact, your hot idea may turn out to be crap.

​3) Forces Learning - Blogging helps you to learn. Often times you won’t write about what you know, you may write about what you don’t know about. Thus forcing you to research.

​4) Improves Communication - Blogging helps you to be a better communicator. You are forced to explain your thoughts and ideas in a way that your intended audience can understand. We all know that great communication skills will never hurt any entrepreneur.

​5) Create More Content - Blogging is an investment in your business. Each time you write an article about your ideas or thoughts, you are creating more content. More entry points for people to learn more about you and your business. Exposure is good.

​6) Build Credibility - Blogging allows you to share your knowledge. Sharing your knowledge will help to improve your credibility and build your personal brand.

\ I consider blogging to be a necessary mental exercise. Much like physical exercise is necessary for our bodies to be healthy, blogging is necessary for our entrepreneurial minds to stay fresh, sharp, and nimble.\ \ Do you think blogging is necessary for entrepreneurs and businesses?

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