Use a Weakness to Develop a Strength

Use a Weakness to Develop a Strength

We all have weaknesses. We all have behaviors or personality traits that we don’t like. I think that it’s possible to take some of these behaviors, personality traits, or bad habits and do something positive with them.

Are you’re introverted? You need to change that, but in the meantime use the quiet time to focus and get work done. Are you a smoker? Engage in conversation with other smokers, maybe you’ll make a business connection. Do you waste a lot of time watching TV? Start a blog about your favorite shows and analyze the characters and plots. Maybe you’ll generate some side income. I realize that there are a lot of negative personality traits and bad habits that it would be difficult to capitalize upon all of them, but I think it’s worth a try.

So what’s mine? I believe that I have a small case of OCPD not to be confused with OCD. In short, I can be a bit compulsive. Now, I have no professional diagnosis of this, but I match the DSM’s diagnosis in most of the categories. Oh well. So, how do I turn this into strengths?

  • I’m obsessive about being completely honest. I don’t consider white lies acceptable, and if I felt that I may have blurted out something that could be potentially misconstrued as not being true, I’ll make a point to correct it. I’ve ingrained in myself the moral code of integrity.
  • I’ve ran approximately 15 miles/week for the last two years.
  • I typically won’t allow myself to watch TV unless it’s a little sports or I’m on the treadmill.
  • I write daily.
  • Once I’m into a project, I find it very easy to kick ass on it. This is because I’ll obsess over it.

In short, I obsess over improving my relationships, health, and professional career by working at it daily, but if I don’t do it daily, I find it difficult, maybe even more difficult than the average person.

Look in the mirror and try to figure out if you can use your weaknesses to develop strengths.

Do you think this is the case? Do you have any examples in your own life to share? If so, please post.

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-JP Richardson

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