What if Tumblr Tumbles? Interested in a Tumblr Backup Service?

What if Tumblr Tumbles? Interested in a Tumblr Backup Service?

Please pardon the pun. But seriously, what if Tumblr fails? If you didn’t know, this blog is hosted on Tumblr. To all of you Tumblrs out there: what would you do if you if you woke up one morning and went to visit your blog and it was gone either due to a Tumblr failure or because Tumblr the company decided to close down? Would you care?

I know that I would care. I’ve poured a lot of work into this blog over the last year. Tumblr’s server problems scare me. Their apparent lack of a monetization scheme bothers me.

I’ve whimsically kicked around the idea of building a Tumblr backup service. I wouldn’t put much stock into it, unless I had customer validation. With that being said…

Imagine there was a service where you could login and just input your Tumblr url. The service would then run a backup process daily saving your blog post, images, tags, and the blog post URL.

Is this something that you would pay for if you knew that you had the piece of mind that your blog content was safely stored in the cloud and that you could retrieve your data anytime? Would you pay \$5/month? \$8/month? \$12/year? Would you still pay even though Tumblr provides a backup tool?

What are your thoughts? Please let me know.

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