Which Is Better: the Journey or the Destination?

Which Is Better: the Journey or the Destination?

I’m struggling. I’m struggling with the journey. My feeling probably resembles that of Captain Jack Sparrow’s feeling of when he didn’t have a boat - he was looking for a boat to commandeer. I’m looking for my boat. I’m struggling to balance all of my projects, being a great father, a great fiance, a great friend, and a great business partner. I’m struggling to identify my purpose.

Don’t get me wrong. Life is amazing. I’m fortunate enough to have a healthy nine-year old son, a loving fiance, business partners who happen to be some of my best friends, an awesome day job, and a business that is generating some revenue. What more could a man ask for? I think that I would like are two things:

  1. A more narrowed focus. I feel too scatter brained with every project that is on my plate.
  2. Purpose. Ever since I was a child, I got immense joy out of helping others. The more lives that I can improve, the more fulfilled that I feel. I’ve learned this in my software projects. If a lot of people use my software and it improves their lives, then I feel wonderful. If it’s just software that a few people benefit from, I don’t feel as good as I think that I could. So then the question becomes: what is the software or technology that you can build to improve people’s lives?

It’s been said that it’s not about the destination, but it’s about the journey. One thing is true, I feel like I’m living and loving life to the fullest. When I arrive at the destination, I will have the answer; but until then, I will continue to document my journey on this blog.

What are your thoughts? Any wisdom to share?

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