I Will Write an Ebook

I Will Write an Ebook

I’m planning on writing an ebook! The ebook will be about picking up women. Just kidding, I’m not one of those.

Awhile back, I asked a question on Stackoverflow regarding tutorials for C# developers who currently use Windows Forms and want to make the switch to WPF/Silverlight using the MVVM design pattern. I have been working with WPF/MVVM for a little over a year and have become adept at it.

Why would I want to write an ebook?

  1. I have never written an ebook. This represents a new and exciting challenge for me.
  2. This will improve my writing ability. I’ve been blogging almost every weekday for about 9 months. It feels like a chore at times. But I believe that writing and public speaking are two of the best transferable skills that a person can have. To create an ebook that people will feel is worth reading will take a lot of work and research and thus, improve my writing.
  3. I want to give back to the community. I will take the same approach as 37 Signals for their book Getting Real. You’ll be able to read the book for free online. If you want a downloadable PDF, it’ll cost a small fee.
  4. I will potentially make some extra money. I doubt it’ll be much though, as that’s not the primary motivator.

How will I market it? If you Google “MVVM Tutorial”, my question is the first hit. I’ll be able to add my ebook as an answer or edit the top answer. This should provide significant amount of traffic for the book to get noticed. This might be all that I have to do. It might also be naive thinking. We’ll see.

The major show stopper is time. Ehem… priority. I have a lot on my plate that shifts the priority of this down my to-do list. I would anticipate that this may take me at least a year.

Wish me luck.

Have you written an ebook? Do you have any tips to share?

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