Regret Minimization Framework

Regret Minimization Framework

It sounds nerdy, but it’s very straightforward. The idea is that with any major decision in life, you should consider what you’ll think of that decision when you’re 80. Will you regret making that decision? Will you regret not making that decision? It’s essentially living life with no regrets.

Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon, coined the term Regret Minimization Framework. Watch this YouTube clip:

Mark Cuban has also wrote something similar:

A lot of people think Im crazy, or chasing publicity, or whatever. I don’t care what they think. Before I do any of the many things that I get asked to do, and that I think might be fun, I have one simple question i ask myself. When I hopefully turn 90 and look back at my life , would I regret having done it, or not having done it ?

RMF or “Living Life with No Regrets” has served me well. When faced with any major decision, I just ask myself: Will I regret doing this? Will I regret not doing this? Up to this point, I only have two major regrets. Not bad for only being 27.

Do you use RMF?

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